Easy Home Remedies For Curing Snoring


Snoring is not a disease. It is a sort of an imbalance in the human body mechanism. Though, it is quite embarrassing for those who know that they snore. It causes a peculiar kind of disturbance and amusement to those around the person who is snoring.


Well, if the level of snoring could be controlled or eliminated altogether, it would be a good contribution to social peace. And it is certainly possible with some very easy home remedies.

1. Try some realignment with the sleeping postures. Elevate your head with pillows; or raise the head of your bed by several inches. The chances of your throat muscle blocking the air passage, when they relax in sleep are less. Don't sleep on your back. You are giving absolute freedom for the snoring exercise by doing so. Your tongue and soft palate fall back, narrowing the airway.

2. Next remedy for curing snoring is to bring in some lifestyle changes in your living. In addition to snoring, this step may solve many other problems as well.

Exercise regularly and lose extra pounds of your body. Prohibit the habit of smoking and drinking as alcohol relaxes the throat muscles and blocks the air passages further. Smoking also puts additional blocks in the air passages and leads to snoring. If you are in the habit of taking sleeping pills, antihistamines and tranquilizers, avoid them. They all help the cause of snoring.

3. Some over the counter medications can also be categorized under the home remedies. They are anti-snoring pills, throat sprays and nasal strips. The reason for their being counted as home remedies is that the ingredients contained in the anti-snoring pills are plant enzymes and herbs. They control nose and throat tissues from swelling. Thus they are conducive for smoother airflow that counters snoring.

4. Any drug free medication is equivalent to a home remedy. The formula of such medication is based on the experience of generations.

Then there are some drug-free snoring aids that keep your jaw in a pushed forward position. It is also known as the mandibular advancement splint. Its function is to open up your airways and it is reported to have helped in stopping snoring in more than 80% of the cases. Many models of these types of apparatus are available in the market.

The combination of all your conscious efforts on the lines indicated above should help you reduce the level of snoring. You have begun to think about the problem. You are working on it daily. You will soon see the good results and come out of the embarrassing situation- sooner than you expected!

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